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PPTactical Engine. the upper image is taken from release 0.9.0 and shows a scripted mission, the blue soldiers have zone attacking scripts and support scripts while the brown soldiers have defend scripts.

the lower image is taken from release 0.9.5 and shows a layered building (the fans are animated ;) , a helicopter and a dropship.

few general words about pptactical:
  • engine for real-time strategy/tactics game
  • LGPL license
  • support for SDL and DirectX
  • the engine compiles with C++ Builder6, C++BuilderX, MSVC6, Gnu g++ and Sun Forte CC
  • tools (map editor and others) were developed using VCL in C++Builder
  • few technical words about pptactical:
  • has air and land units: infantry, tanks, recons, transports, artillery, fighters, helicopters, dropships, buildings (with layers - can be animated)
  • detailed configuration of units (lots and lots of parameters to be set)
  • map supports altitudes
  • altitude and ecosystem generation
  • scripting support for all units (comes with a few samples implementing AI)
  • scripting support for battlegroups
  • scripting for mision
  • GUI
  • particle system (experimental)
  • few words about this release:
  • added aircrafts
  • added layered buildings
  • various other non-visual features
  • more screenshots:


    i'm looking for a level designer to build one (or more ;) showcase mission for the engine. if you're interested please contact me.

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