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The lightmaps in this screenshot were created using RPI (Radiosity Preprocessor Interface). The RPI is basically an API that does nothing more than create lightmaps. You can feed it some polygons, tell it where the light sources are, and set some other parameters. Then you tell it to calculate the lightmaps. When this is done, you receive a bunch of pointers to raw image data, which you can then save in any format you want. Because we're talking about an API, you can reuse the same lighting code for multiple projects.

I wrote the whole thing using Delphi, but since it's a DLL, anyone should be able to use it. Note that the project is still in its early stages - the current version doesn't actually use radiosity yet, but you can use it for simple point lights and spotlights. You can get RPI, with complete source and documentation, from my site at

Tom Nuydens

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