This is the original flipcode closure note posted on August 22nd, 2005:

After more than six and a half years of game development goodness, flipCode is closing its doors. We are no longer accepting submissions of articles, images, news, etc. The article archives will remain online as reference material for the foreseeable future. The e-mail addresses for submissions will no longer be active.

As the site's primary editor, I would personally and sincerely like to thank everyone who's contributed positively to the site and surrounding community. This site couldn't possibly have grown to what it was in its prime without your help. I realize this announcement may be a disappointment to many, but I feel I've done all I can with this site to serve the game development community over the years. The industry is changing rapidly, as is the face of the web. There are plenty of other game development resources out there (of all shapes and sizes), and more are sure to pop up. I genuinely hope you enjoyed your stay at flipCode, and wish you the best of luck with your future adventures.

Here's to game development harmony. *tips glass*